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Social Security Retirement Benefits

Social Security Retirement benefits for senior citizens is a staple of American culture with more than 96% of Americans ... Read More

Social Security Privatization

One of the hottest topics that comes around during political election years is that of the prospect of privatizing ... Read More

Social Security Disability Work Credits

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) requires that a certain amount of work credits are attained ... Read More

Social Security Disability for Mental Illness

For people with mental illnesses and disabilities, it is a bit more difficult to receive compensation and treatment than ... Read More

Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI is a medical insurance plan for those who worked long enough but can no ... Read More

List of Medical Impairments

The Listing of Medical Impairments, also known as the Blue Book, is an official list maintained by the Social Security ... Read More

Social Security Eligibility for SSD

Social Security Disability or SSD is the largest federally funded organization that provides a monthly check to people ... Read More

Filing for Disability Benefits

Applying for disability benefit requires patience, effort and time. This is for any type of benefit, whether they are ... Read More

Social Security Denials and Appeals

An application must be submitted before Social Security benefits can be received or availed. The applicant must then ... Read More

Medical Examinations for Social Security Disability

A consultative exam is a medical exam that is a required step for the disability claim process. Social Security ... Read More

Social Security Disability Requirements

Anyone in the United States may apply for Social Security Disability Insurance of SSDI. The person must have a ... Read More

Children and Social Security Disability Insurance

SSDI benefits for children are also known as disabled adult child benefits or childhood disability benefits. The title ... Read More

Veterans Disability Benefit

Before you can apply for veteran disability benefits, you must first find out if you are eligible. In order to be ... Read More

Filing for Social Security Benefits

Before filing for benefits, you must discovery whether you are eligible for the program. You must be at least 65 years ... Read More

Supplemental Security Income

SSI focuses on helping poor citizens who struggle with finding the resources to pay for shelter, clothing and food. This ... Read More

SSA Requirements

Two different programs are controlled by the Social Security Administration or SSA. These two systems include ... Read More

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Blog Entries

Filing Social Security Taxes
Nov 19/2013 - The filing of federal Social Security taxes may be required by certain individuals who earn a particular amount of money ...
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Who is Entitled to Social Security ...
Nov 5/2013 - Social Security benefits include a very wide range of services which are available to those who may qualify for these ...
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Social Security and Workers Compensation
Oct 21/2013 - When one is disabled, one may be able to receive both Social Security disability and workers compensation benefits. In ...
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News Updates

Congress Eyes Changing Medicare
Oct 31/2012 - According to USA Today, house members are looking for ways to change ID card numbers to increase security of details.
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Man Faces 5-Year Prison to
Oct 23/2012 - According to, a 60-year old man admitted Social Security fraud that could place him in prison for five years.
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Next Years Raise on Social
Oct 16/2012 - According to The Bottomline, the expected increase of Social Security COLA for next year, 2013, is just 1.4 percent, and much of the increase will just proceed ...
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Enormous Issues With Medicare
Oct 10/2012 - According to The Tribune-Democrat, every county within Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.
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